Disease Reversal

We truly believe in healing, as opposed to disease maintenance. Allow us to help you back to health.

Online Education

Don’t miss out on our webinars to increase your knowledge on managing your condition.

Physician Appointment

Talk to us. We tend to listen. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Mañez and his team.

Specialist Referrals

Your needs are our priority. Ask for specialists who understand Lifestyle Medicine.


The Philippine College of Lifestyle Medicine is now officially a recognized Affiliate Medical Specialty Society of the Philippine Medical Association!

All glory to GOD!

And a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to the founding and present board members, founding and present officers!

Programs and Services

Group Consultations

We enjoy doing things in groups: go to church, sing, party and play. Why not consult in groups. A new fun way to learn and stay healthy.

Culinary Medicine

An ancient concept in modern light. Hippocrates once said, “Let food be thy medicine.” Join our cooking classes and learn how to heal by eating right.

Cancer Siege

Beat cancer at its own game. We’ll educate you on how to prevent, rehabilitate and treat cancer cells. Turn your life around. Yes, there is hope.

Journey to Health

Our 2-day and 10-day programs are cut to jump-start you into a healthier lifestyle that heals. Reverse chronic disease while living and loving life.

Complete Health Improvement

Our Complete Health Improvement Program or CHIP, is an Intensive Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (ITLC) Program with proven results and priceless benefits.

Corporate Lifestyle Medicine

Sick-care kills profit. Absenteeism due to employee illness is real. Educate and train your employees to adopt healthy lifestyle habits and watch your profits grow.


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Give us a call now! You don’t have to suffer from chronic, debilitating, lifestyle-related diseases. There is always hope.

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Dr. Johann Kim T. Mañez

Lifestyle Medicine Specialist

Marie Pajarillo


Babylin Seco

Culinaire VOLUNTEER/ Registered Nurse

Abner Dulce Faina

Volunteer Sports Nutritionist Dietician

What patients are saying

“…Indeed, you are heaven sent, you made sick people healthy and healed by the grace of God, I am one of them… Truly, Health is wealth! God bless you Always, Dr. Johann Kim Manez! God’s power be with you now and forever.”

Bhahes Estrellas
Bhabes Estrellas

San Mateo, Rizal



“Doctor Johann is someone who will explain properly what needs to be explained to patients. He is passion personified.”

Sandy Aragon

Makati City

“A busy person, yet you give your time for us. You’ve been a wonderful blessing to me and my entire family, we’ve learned a lot from you, especially on how food heals and does wonders. Thank you so much doc and to God be the glory!”

Yen Beniga
Yen Beniga

Oroquieta City