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Colon preparation is usually done prior to medical procedures like colonoscopy. It is well documented that neurologic symptoms caused by constipation are relieved by enemas or the passing of stools after the effect of a laxative agent.


This 2-day natural colon preparation uses high-fiber, easily digestible plant-based food and drink that will help relieve constipation and prepare your gastro-intestinal track for your nutritional therapy and Lifestyle Medicine programs.


Education is key to helping your gradual change into a healthier and sustainable lifestyle. Once we are well informed, the changes begin to happen.


The 10-Day Journey to Health program educates you on healthy food preparation, physical activity, hydration, sleep medicine, stress management, and other aspects of your lifestyle that impact your health. This residential program jumpstarts you into a lifestyle that brings healing.

Culinary Rx

Getting diagnosed with cancer is traumatic. We want you to know that there is hope. We now understand that cancers can actually be treated through nutritional therapy and Lifestyle Medicine, without the devastating side-effects that usually come with traditional interventions like chemotherapy.


The Cancer Siege Program is a 10 to 30-day residential program that will teach you the latest in Lifestyle Medicine cancer research and how cancer patients are getting rid of their cancer the right way. Take the first step in restoring your health.

Ductal Carcinoma in situ

Not everyone can come to our facility to get the help they need to reverse their chronic conditions. Our Satellite 2-Day Programs are designed so that our team will come to your community to conduct the 2-Day Journey To Health. Contact us so we can discuss logistics and other details on how we can make this happen in your community.

Corporations throughout the country are sufferings great losses due to unhealthy employees. Our corporate Lifestyle Medicine Program has helped companies remain afloat in such competitive environments by cutting their healthcare costs by as much as 40%. Leverage your financial growth by keeping your workforce healthy and productive.

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